H.O.M.H. (Hometown Opportunities for the Mentally Handicapped) was founded in 1987 by a group of parents as a way to continue to educate and enrich the lives of their children.

Since that time, H.O.M.H. has developed several programs where mentally and physically challenged individuals can meet and continue their education and socialization skills once formal schooling ends.  Raising a child with special needs can be difficult at best.  Our groups were created with that child’s continuing education in mind.

Possibility Players is the only special needs theatrical group in the area allowing special needs members the opportunity to produce quality theatrical productions on a continuous and ongoing basis.


H.O.M.H. is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) community-based organization formed for physically and mentally challenged persons who live at home and whose families are willing to provide support.  Our purpose is to enrich the lives of persons with physical and mental handicaps by providing them with challenging learning and leisure time activities that develop individual skills, age-appropriate social opportunities, and encourage and support their participation in drama and other creative arts.


H.O.M.H. is now registered with Ebay’s “Giving Works” program that allows all buyers and sellers to donate to a chosen group.  If you’re a seller, please consider checking the box to donate a percentage of your sale to our group. If you’re a buyer, please click on the “Ebay Giving Works” button and donate directly to us!  Every bit helps, and we appreciate every bit!



“The difference between the ‘impossible’ and the ‘possible’ lies in a person’s determination.”

--Tommy Lasorda



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